Apply for Certified Licensed Membership:

Only registered private detectives. OSINT Investigators and Cyber experts can apply for the Certified Licensed CYBERPOL Private Eyes Members program. Contact CYBERPOL for further information.



CYBERPOL Private Eyes for Private Investigators around the globe is a program aimed at bringing cyber security experts together during cyber threats mitigation and investigations. The program is meant to give Private Detectives an extra extension to their cyber investigations and assisting with a robust and quick response to any Cyber Threats.


DEPSINT Track & Trace Technologies is exclusive property of CYBERPOL CFC Cyber Fusion Centre. Private investigators can get access to such services once a Private Eyes Member of CYBERPOL Organization. The depth of such string during a Track and Trace is nothing short of the subjects DNA. This technology was used by US Contractors during 2016 to track Terrorist during Visa applications.


CYBERPOL can incorporate its own  Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in using regional bodies to tailor policy development, implementation and training.

"One size will not fit all but regional knowledge can make for a better fit,"


"National and regional cybersecurity bodies should promote and join CYBERPOL cybersecurity agency and it is time that major international organisations such as the UN, EU, IMF, World Bank, NATO and the OSCE. support CYBERPOL already Created by DECREE WL 22/15.595!"

Ricardo Baretzky


• Internet Watch Foundation as international cooperation basis

• Cyber version of CDC; divide regions; main office at UN

• Cyber FATF: Senior policy test

Blacklist/ name/ shame countries

• Create trust in the industry via a similar program to the U.S. Defense

Industrial Base (DIB) Cyber Security/ Information Assurance (CS/IA) Program


Benefits of membership

  • Access to likeminded professional investigators and security experts (worldwide)
  • Access to fully vetted investigators in 136 countries on all seven continents
  • Direct access to specialist skills in various investigative disciplines (worldwide)
  • Access to CYBERPOL TRACK & TRACE Investigative products and services including Enhanced Due Diligence Reporting Services Available (Fees Apply)
  • A bi-annual CYBERPOL conference providing containing education, networking opportunities, and the ability to form lasting professional relationships from all over the world.
  • Subcontracting and outsourcing opportunities with professionals of the highest quality
    Online meetings around the world
  • CYBERPOL Certification

  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter, Not Available yet
  • Access to up-to-date industry information (Fees Apply)
  • Participation in a prestigious organization that has earned the respect of governments, public law enforcement agencies, legislatures, and public officials around the world.


Who can Join ?

  1. All cyber experts active in cyber investigations
  2. Private Investigators
  3. Lawyers
  4. Corporations who provide above services

You would need the following to join. These requirements are mandatory

Requirements to Join:

1) Valid ID or Passport.
2) Valid Utility Bill copy that matches your ID home address.
3) Valid Education in Cyber field. To be discussed during interview.
4) Valid PI license or Cyber Education Certification. Proof of past Police service will be Sufficient.
5) Proof of paid Revenue TAX or Audit certificate and proof of income.
6) A National Police Background Criminal Check Clearance not older than three months:

Apllication fee €280 and Annual fees of €480 apply.

NOTE: CYBERPOL Private Eyes introduce National Police Clearance requirements to join CYBERPOL Private Eyes. This measure was taken to protect CYBERPOL organization and its members. Any member who joins CYBERPOL Private Eyes must provide a national Police Clearance in the State they reside in to undergo a non criminal compliance background process to register as CYBERPOL Private Eyes Licensed Member.


A Non Exclusive CYBERPOL CIB Trademark license must be obtained from the Owners prior to registering for Private Eyes program prior to registering for Private Eyes to use any of the following CYBERPOL Registered Trademark numbers: No: 014468789, No: 014505473, No: 018270163 No: UK00003031007 (Ownership can be verified on : as CYBERPOL Private Eyes is a commercial activity conducted by Private Osint or internet Investigators under the Brand Flagship in partnership with the owners in accordance with the CYBERPOL Statutes approved by Decree WL22/16.595.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS LIMITED TO the use for OSINT Cyber Investigations and Private Investigations Only in Commercial use ONLY! All Non-Exclusive Trademark licensing for commercial uses are managed by CYBERPOL CFC EOOD Managed by CYBERPOL CFC on behalf of the Trademark Owners.

The CYBERPOL Trademarks are protected under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property as both a "Word" and "Figurative" Trademark under Nice Classification 9, 25, 28, 35, 38, 42, 45. Therefore exclusive or a non-exclusive trademark license agreement with the owners to allows the licensee to use (but not own) the licensor's trademark in connection with agreed-on products or services must be obtained from the owners prior to any associations and/or use with the registered trademarks in accordance with EU Trade Mark Regulation (EU) 2015/2424 and Directive to the laws of relating to trade marks (EU)2015/2436 (the Trade Marks Directive) inter-alia , Books XV (Enforcement) and XVII (Special Procedures) of the Commercial Code; the Criminal Code; the EU Customs Regulation (608/2013); and the EU Implementing Regulation (1352/2013), with official reference to Article 11 of the Act on Computer Programs of June 30th 1994 (implementing Article 7(1) of the EU Computer Program Directive) Licensing can help a company expand into new markets effectively and easily while lending the licensee an established name and reputation.

Therefore any use of the CYBERPOL Brand or Trademarks without license from the owners is prohibited by law and punishable with up to €100 000 Fine and or 5 Years Imprisonment..

Private Eyes is a program encouraging private and internet investigators to a legal CYBERPOL representation in their country or regions to safe time in international processing costs of documents used for legal purposes. The program is in partnership with the Brand Owners as per Statutes approved by DECREE (A Law) WL22/16.595 of June 2015 by the Minister of Justice.

Article 37(bis) §3

The Organization’s financial resources shall be provided by: (bis) §3. IP License fees when approved by the Office of the President


Article 45

The organization is granted rights to the use of the CYBERPOL trademark No UK00003031007 "registered under class 45". All commercial that and seniority claim rights shall remain that of the IP owners.

The Organization may license, nominate any third party, agency and / or organization and / or corporation the rights to have access and / or the use the trademark under conditions to be set out by the owners of the trademark. Such grant of uses shall be deemed a license
approved for the user.

That the CYBERPOL NPMIA is granted exclusive usage rights to use of the trademark services section only applicable to law-enforcement services and can't be revoked in the future or any point and time. The IP rights to all commercial activity of IP's remaining trademark No UK00003031007 under classes from 1 to 44 and its seniority claim rights shall remain that of the IP trademark owners but can be shared when necessary in the interest of the Organization.

The Organization shall enter into an IP licensee agreement in order to allow the usage of the usage of the IP trademark No: UK00003031007

The use of the CYBERPOL IP NO UK00003031007: Officers of the law and official state agencies must be a member of CYBERPOL to use the official Law - enforcement Logo and must be in accordance with the regulations of uses of the Logo.