CYBERPOL CYBER POLICING AGENCY is the leading Public Utility Agency for investigating cyber crimes and cyber attacks by criminals, international adversaries.

CYBERPOL is a Federal approved agency by Royal Decree WL 22/16.595 and falls under Treaty 124 on International Organizations as International Public Utility.

CYBERPOL purpose is to monitor online IP addresses and investigate cyber crimes committed online. CYBERPOL does not account to any other agency nor government and their staff are protected by the Vienna Convention on International Organizations and therefore are considered diplomatic status during missions.




KBO FOD Economic Federal Notice on CYBERPOL HQ : Get copy here...

Authorization of Judge Rosa Perna Official Registration Number U.0028348 .20-07-2923 Publication Here...

Older FEDERAL Publications:

State Gazette Ref Page Organizational Number 635.897.257 

  • Ref # 15128442
  • Ref # 15128441
  • Ref # 15128440




CYBERPOL CFC EOOD is an independent Company that provide Cyber Security Services and Investigations.



From Cybercrime to Crypto Trace and Track, CYBERPOL Cyber Fusion Centre is capable of any threat management.



CYBERPOL actively report, Blacklist State actors and hacking groups whom cross the red line


Article 2(bis) §6

 The International monitoring and tracking of malevolent websites and IPs containing illegal and harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users.

Article 2(bis) §3

Identifies and Research / Investigate International Cyber Crimes (ICC), cyber-threats and global cyber-crime trends in the contemporary cyber world of today.


In terms of the Budapest Convention on cybercrime and organized crime treaty ref# ETS No.185 Art. 3 – Illegal interception, Art. 11 – Attempt, aiding, abetting, Art. 12 – Corporate liability and the first protocol on Xenophobia and Racism ref# ETS No. 189 adopted by CYBERPOL THE INTERNATIONAL CYBER POLICING ORGANIZATION established by Royal Decree WL22/16.595 on 22nd June 2015 with the powers vested under Article 2(bis) §6 The International monitoring and tracking of malevolent websites and IPs containing illegal and harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users of its authorized functions and mandate the following websites are blacklisted and placed under international criminal investigation Indefinitely:.

1) LinkedIn[.]Com-Owned and managed by Microsoft Corporation Federal Tax Identification Number91-1144442.

2) Facebook[.]com Owned and managed by Meta Platforms.INC Registration Authority Entity ID 3835815

3) Twitter[.]com Owned and managed by Twitter, Inc EIN 208913779

4) Myrotvorets[.]center owned and managed by NGO Myrotvorets Centre, Ukraine promoting hatred Ideology and assassinations of European citizens and officials.

5) Bitcoin[.]org aiding Terrorist financing since 2013. Notes: Bitcoin does not have a central authority is not correct and is obligated to adhere to the Budapest Convention on Cyber and Organized Transnational crime. Bitcoin involvement in ISIS Terror funding and support was noted at the BORDERPOL Congress held in Budapest during 2014 at the closed sessions in which all law enforcement agencies in both Europe, America and Asia were participation thereof.

Fake Linkedin Accounts imperonating Work Relations With CYBERPOL and ECIPS European ESS Agencies

NOTICE: Any victims can contact CYBERPOL Agency and report a case. All such data remains confidential and restricted access.

Wanted Persons

RED NOTICE Cyber Crime Alert also known as a "Crimson Alert" was issued for the following subjects:

A CYBERPOL RED NOTICE cyber crime alert also known as a "Crimson Alert" is a request to international and local law enforcement agencies worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending an investigation, an extradition, at will surrender, or similar legal action related to a cyber crime in terms of the Budapest Convention on Cyber Crimes.

Subjects are wanted by the requesting member organization, agency or country, and/ or international panel or tribunal. All member nation states apply their own national laws in deciding whether to arrest a person, however they have to adhere to the Budapest Convention on Cyber Crimes in accordance with the Treaty.

Extracts of CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization by Decree WL 22/16.595 Crimson Alerts / Red Notices are published at the request of the agency and/or member country concerned and where the public’s help may be needed to locate an subject or if the subject may pose a threat to public safety and/or wanted for a specific cyber crime.

CYBERPOL Trademarks

In accordance with EU Trade Mark Regulation (EU) 2015/2424 and Directive to the laws of relating to trade marks (EU)2015/2436 (the Trade Marks Directive) inter-alia , Books XV (Enforcement) and XVII (Special Procedures) of the Commercial Code; the Criminal Code; the EU Customs Regulation (608/2013); and the EU Implementing Regulation (1352/2013), with official reference to Article 11 of the Act on Computer Programs of June 30th 1994 (implementing Article 7(1) of the EU Computer Program Directive) The use of CYBERPOL Trademark No: 014468789, No: 014505473, No: UK00003031007 and is therefore protected under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property as both a "Word" and "Figurative" Trademark under Nice Classification 9, 25, 28, 35, 38, 42, 45 Policing Services or any other services and carries a penalty for use without authorization of the trademark owners.

Fake and Illegal websites using CYBERPOL Trademarks under Criminal Investigations:







NOTICE:  The following publication by ENISA and the European Commission on page 59 has NO RELATION to CYBERPOL and is unlawfully using stolen CYBERPOL IPO (Intellectual Property) by impersonating the official CYBERPOL Organization established By Royal Decree WL22/16.595


WARNNG: These links are not to be used as it contains Malicious software using Stolen CYBERPOL Trademarks and/or selling FAKE CYBERPOL BRANDED PRODUCTS!! Download full list Press Here…


These are pirated products sold with Un-Authorized CYBERPOL Brands or Trademarks Licenses. Consumers are advised NOT TO BUY and contact CYBERPOL should they have any information on where such products are delivered from.


The following CYBERPOL Badge sold in Russian Online shop is fake and public are made aware not to buy and report anyone who uses such badge to CYBERPOL.

REWARD OFFERED for Stolen CYBERPOL Laptop in Hong Kong.

The following laptop is stolen from CYBERPOL in Hong Kong and is wanted. Latest Tracing Signal indicates the Laptop is still in Hong-Kong, Lamma Island. Contact Us HERE...

Details : ASUS B1500 CEAE-FVP1658T, Intel i7-1165G7, 32GB RAM, ITB SSD; SN: M9NXCV221032395

Crypto Currency Accounts Used in Cyber Crimes

Public and other Law enforcement can verify a BLACKLISTED CRYPTO CURRENCY ACCOUNTS used and/or linked to cyber crimes and cyber scams in this section.

Latest account numbers "BLACKLISTED" by CYBERPOL :

  1. 3DCWQ6zhqKqB51Rt6EoempwXzDV3wpTqU8       Received $7,233,440,339.25
  2. 3EqEi6x3Sxw8CgmMEAG2DuoH5pwDZeiDN1        Received $7,237,818,058.85
  3. 15kG5tNi9nK8BFkXeaHhMeVHtadGkrkH42              Received $1,592,043,505.59
  4. 1KHWHszqNQwvzxwoQpTkoX3fzD9xKorVFL          Received $116,152,412.83

Be aware of Educational fraud and corruption.

Public needs to be aware of educational fraud and in particular to Math Olympiads in European Union using questions and answers from Quiz websites and report it to CYBERPOL immediately if noticed !


CYBERPOL Summit 2020 was attened by over 1798 direct attendees during Covid 19 Lockdown by Government officials, Corporations, Banks, Private Businesses, Academics, Think Tanks , Military and Law-enforcement from all over the world.






DO NOT IMPERSONATE, DISCRIMINATE, NOR MAKE DEFAMATION POSTS USING CYBERPOL Word Mark or Trademark Registration No: CMT 014505473 (WORD MARK) CTM and 014468789 (FIGURATIVE). Its a FELONY and Will be Prosecuted sooner or later!